Mobile apps


Bolzano Parking

OS: Web

Description:The Traffic Management Center of the city of Bolzano manages different kinds of road condition data in real time. One of kind of data is the availability of parking slots in the parking areas that are located in the city of Bolzano. This simple application collects this kind of information from the traffic management center. This data is then shown to the users through a simple web interface. This web interface is implemented in order to be easily reachable and viewable from different kinds of devices (e.g. PC, tablet, smartphones, etc.)



OS: Android, Web

Description: SASABus is the first application that shows the timetable of the SASA (Società Autobus Servizi d'Area) buses for all the bus routes for the cities of Bolzano, Merano and Laives. This application has been created from an Open Source project. The application, in addition to offering information about the bus timetable, allows users to plan journeys using public transportation systems, allows users to see the situation of the parking areas of the city of Bolzano and contains other useful information about the SASA services such as the bus lines status.


South Tyrol Suggests

OS: Android

Description: "South Tyrol Suggests" provides suggestions about attractions, events, public services, restaurants, and much more. The suggestions are personalized on the basis of the user preferences and contextualized according to the weather situation and to the traffic information provided by the traffic management center. In addition the application allows the visualization of possible routes to reach a selected place by using different kinds of transport and suggests the most Eco-friendly and convenient option. The transport types considered by the application are: private transport (car or bicycle), public transport (bus or local trains).


CoCities eMixer

OS: Android and iOS

Description: e-miXer Co-Cities provides information about traffic and the public transport (system?? network???) for some European cities and at the same time offers a powerful collaboration tool that allows users to provide their own contribution to improve this information system. e-miXer Co-Cities allows the planning of a trip and allows access to real time information about traffic, public transport, free parking slots and much more. The users can also provide feedback regarding the quality of service, quality of the data provided or provide new data (e.g. traffic events, estimation of free places on a bus and much more). Feedback is completely anonymous and collected with the scope of improving the information system and the service provided to the users.