The future of mobility

Increasing maturity of information and communication technology (ICT), greater willingness for those making local journeys to consider alternatives to using their own vehicles, increase in costs and a general reduction in the resources available for the operation of transport systems: All these elements underlie a significant global transformation process in mobility and are directed towards reducing the inefficiencies currently experienced in this world (traffic congestion, environmental impact and the ever decreasing availability of space, etc.), while at the same time creating new alternative models to the standard forms of travel by one's own private means or the local public transport system. The "The Green Mobility of the Future" project is intended to create the best premises for actively promoting a cultural change

in the perception of the values associated with mobility in South Tyrol. By studying in depth the particulars of "cooperative" intelligent transport systems (C-ITS), which will in the near future permit the creation of a transport "Internet", the project proposes to promote forms of "intermediate" mobility, in particular car sharing, car pooling (or ride sharing) and bike sharing. In addition to assessing the technologies that can achieve this and based on the creation of these revisited mobility concepts together with new business models which might be developed, the project seeks to test out these new services using empirical methods with the aim of identifying in conjunction with individual users scenarios that are best adapted to the characteristics of mobility in South Tyrol.